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I'm sorry, I love you 미안하다, 사랑한다

Title: 미안하다, 사랑한다 / Mianhada, Saranghanda
Also known as: MiSa / I'm Sorry, I Love You / Sorry I Love You / Sorry But I Love You (YesAsia)
Genre: Human drama, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2004-Nov-09 to 2004-Dec-28

"A Story about Extreme, Death-Defying Love"

- This is a really sad love story.
"Sorry, I Love You" is a story about Cha Mu-hyeok (So Ji-seop), who faces death everyday with two bullets stuck in the head, and Song Eun-chae (Lim Su-jeong), whose chance encounter with him develops into an extreme love affair.

- "Sorry, I Love You" begins with a man's fight for revenge
Cha Mu-hyeok is a show business manager who plans to take his revenge on his birth mother for having abandoned him. After being abandoned by his mother, he was adopted by an Australian family at the age of two. He, however, left his foster home when he was 10 because of his adopted parents' ill treatment. He is a man making a living as a henchman of a street gang, a pimp, or a drug pusher.

- "Sorry, I Love You" is a story about an extreme love affair of two men and a woman
Though he has been hit with bullets in the head, Cha Mu-hyeok insists on going to Korea to see his birth mother determined to die in his birth country. Contrary to his belief that she abandoned him for poverty, his birth mother turns out to be a top movie star and his brother also a top star. In a plot to revenge himself on his mother, Mu-hyeok volunteers to work for his brother, Choi Yun (Chung Kyeong-ho), as his manager in a bid to run him. In the process, Mu-hyeok falls in deep love with Yun's program coordinator, Song Eun-chae.

CAST ^ credits lilmizjae from soompi
차무혁 - Cha Mu Hyuk [actor: So Ji Sup]
Mu-hyuk is a man like a wild dog. He has a rough manner and is full of vigor, but deep down he is quite nice in his love that nobody could imagine.

송은채 - Song Eun Chae [actress: Im Soo Jung]
Eun-chae is a tender-hearted woman unbound to custom. She is destined to be in pathetic love between Cha Mu-hyuk and Choi Yun

최 윤 - Choi Yun [actor: Jung Kyung Ho]
Choi Yun is a top pop singer who loves both Kang Min-ju, a pop diva, and Song Eun-chae, his own program coordinator.

강민주 - Kang Min Ju [actress: Suh Ji Young]
When she was young, Min-ju saw her mother dumped by her father. Since then, she has trusted no man. Man is nothing else but a game to her. On the contrary, she falls in love with Cha Mu-hyeok, but is dumped after she is taken advantage of.

Excellence Award - So Ji Sup (others winners were Bi, Han Ga In, and Park Sun Young)
Best Couple Award - So Ji Sup and Im Soo Jung (other winners included Song Il Kuk-Ha Ga In, Song Hye Gyo-Bi, and Ahn Jae Wook-Park Sun Young)
Popularity Award - So Ji Sup and Im Soo Jung (other winners were Bi, Song Hye Gyo)
Nitizen Award - So Ji Sup and Im Soo Jung
Young Actor award - Park Keon Tae (Galchi)

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