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시티헌터 / City Hunter

# Genre: Action, romance
# Episodes: 20
# Broadcast network: SBS
# Broadcast period: 2011-May-25 to 2011-Jul-28

Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon Sung
Park Min Young as Kim Na Na
Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Young Joo
Hwang Sun Hee as Jin Sae Hee
Goo Ha Ra as Choi Da Hye

The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House. He plans revenge on five politicians who caused his father's death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo and eventually becomes a "City Hunter."

recap(credit: soompi (jbarky)

recap episode 1:
The first scene is of a pregnant woman giving birth
This scene interchanges with scenes from Burma in 1983. a brief history : the setting in Burma was an actual incident called “The Rangoon Bombing.” There was an assassination attempt against the then South Korean President Chun Doo-Hwan allegedly orchestrated by North Korea.
Two agents (PMH and JP) are together and they seem to be waiting for the president. The cars that were arriving looked authentically 80’s and RUH OH! A bomb is in the building!!
The moment the car got close, BOOM! The bomb went off killing many.
Yoon Sung is born while the two agents are shocked and looking on at the dead bodies. As the once-pregnant woman was being sent to recovery, the news was being played in the background, talking about the Burma bombing incident.
The once pregnant lady was in shock, pointing to the fact that PMH or JP was the father of the child. There were “real clips” of the past that were tied into the episode, giving it more authenticity.
Scene change again, with 5 important looking people planning on what they should do. (Hereafter, the "Group of Five") They figured out that the assassination attempt was orchestrated by North Korea. They were all angry and yelling, and then finally Choi Eung Chan grimly said “let’s retaliate!” (One member didn’t seem to happy)
Choi Eung Chan appeared again now in front of the two agents telling them about the “Wipe out Mission.” Not even the president knew about this plan, and it would have agents infiltrating North Korea and killing thirty (military?) officials.
As the two agents were driving back, JP asks PMH “Are you going to do it?” and PMH replies, “We just can’t stand by.” JP told PMH to lay off this mission, as he had a family to think about.
The two finally arrive at the hospital and PMH sees his wife and son. JP gave the wife flowers basically saying good job. She said, “Thank you for coming back alive.” She was worried after hearing the news, and JP said, “You didn’t worry about me at all did you?” with PMH answering, “Why would my wife worry about you.” With a little bit of more banter, JP said he would leave while PMH said that he would join him. (RUH OH) PMH told his wife that he would have to go somewhere, she was concerned asking if it would be dangerous. PMH said “Don’t worry, I will come back to you and our son.” (A promise he obviously doesn’t keep)
The next scenes depicted the planning part of the mission. The two agents started to assemble a team of Korean bad boys. Now they were starting to explain the battle plan. The plan was basically to dress up as North Koreans kill everyone and return by submarine.
The main dude (Choi Eung Chan) appeared again sending them off by instilling them with national pride. He promised that he would “put his life on the line to ensure that everyone would return safely.”
Jump ahead 10 years in a Southeast Asian country in the Golden triangle. JP had become a drug lord. (Probably to finance his vengeance plot) JP is shown to have changed and become merciless. He shoots a guy who sold drugs to Korea, because he broke JP’s rule.
When Yoon Sung is back home, he opens a drawer to look at a picture (the picture of the JP, PMH, PMH’s wife, and Choi Eung Chan. JP goes, “What are you doing, give it to me” and Yoon Sung asks, “Is that my mom? I wish I had a mom, why don’t I have a mom.”
JP says, “I told you that she died” and rips apart the photo.
Finally the boy grows up to be the Lee Min Ho that everyone loves.

Back at drug lord JP’s base of operations, a bomb bursts and over the radio he hears that a monkey stepped over a mine, he screams “Poo CHAI!!!” As he looks for his adopted son (Yoon Sung’s name in that country)
JP finally tells Yoon Sung the truth, “17 years ago there were 20 people who were betrayed by their country. Then your dad saved me by taking a bullet." The reason JP lives is because he wanted to avenge the death of PMH. JP asks Yoon Sung to avenge both of them.
Yoon Sung asks JP, who killed my real father. JP answers “five people.” Yoon Sung asked, “If I kill these five people can you and I live happily together where nobody knows us?” JP nods. Then Yoon Sung asks, “I will ask one last question, is my mother alive?” JP answered, “She is alive.”

Yoon Sung has now changed his outset, he is determined. He says “Now I’m going to change, that is my destiny.”

Jump ahead 7 years later and Yoon Sung is at Incheon international airport in one of his “hunter looks.”
Once he is in his car, he receives a call from JP explaining his first target.
Yoon Sung asks the driver to stop in front of Kwang Ha Gate. He is taking everything in as JP’s voice plays in the background “Don’t love anybody, if your identity is found out, you and everyone around you will be drenched in blood.”

recap episode 2:
The episode started off with training scenes in the mud.
Yoon Sung made the bullet that killed his father, into a necklace.
The scenes continued on, with him training in the mud and also studying. The bald guy also appeared and he now seemed to be a part of the family drug business.
Next we got to see drug lord JP’s mansion with Yoon Sung looking on at the balcony. JP appeared with a cane and a fake leg to boot, but he seemed happy.
He said, “You’ve achieved it!” and brought Yoon Sung’s MIT acceptance letter. Yoon Sung would now live as a person from Texas with his name being John Lee. JP looked very proud.
JP told Yoon Sung to remember three things: You need to live anew, don’t trust anybody, and don’t love anybody. If your identity is found out everyone around you will be drenched in blood (A repeat of the last lines for the first episode)

jump forward, back to the last scene of the first episode, with Yoon Sung taking everything in at Kwang Ha Gate and Nana behind him. Yoon Sung walks away back into his car and we get to focus on Nana. She gets a call from the hospital.
It seems like her father is currently in a coma. The doctor tells her that his condition is becoming worse, he even caught pneumonia. The doctor talks about the costs that she hasn’t been able to pay up and Nana said that she will produce the money. The doctor exclaims that her father has been a vegetable for 10 years and she should give up.
She cries to the doctor begging “I can’t let go off my father who is in this state because of me, please save him, please save my father.”
Next scene, Nana is promoting hangover remedy at a barbecue restaurant. She is trying to convince two people, where an annoying girl is refusing the product. She succeeds in convincing the two! But, she gets another call with the caller ID reading “Bullet Daeri.” (Bullet is to describe fast and “Daeri” is a service in Korea where somebody will drive your car for you, usually when you are too intoxicated to drive, IMHO a perfect service for a country where almost everyone drinks ;)
Yoon Sung is at a club and he is on the phone. He is talking to somebody (I think the bald guy) because the conversation goes on about how he found out that “somebody” has a lot of different jobs and at night she works as a “Bullet Daeri.” He asks the person to look it up on the internet.

Suddenly a girl comes near and grabs his chest saying what are you doing, don’t you want to drink more? He says no more drinking, let’s leave. Yoon Sung is a playboy!

The next scene showed Nana on the phone again talking to the hospital and it seemed like her father had a fever. Yoon Sung tells the club girl to get into the car and he sees Nana in real life for the first time. I'm pretty sure he recognized her. Regardless he throws the key to her and asks to be taken to the “Ecstasy Hotel.”
As they are trying to leave a man walks out of the club and it is YJ the prosecutor. (Played by Lee Jun Hyuk) He asks to talk to Kim Min Hee who is the club girl. When they were wondering who he was, he was about to bring out his identification but he didn’t have it.

He was trying to drag her out but Nana stands up for the girl. Nana comes out and busts out a judo move, flooring him. She acted all cool and natural and they left for the hotel! YJ’s helper came out and YJ complained about his clothes that he blames for the mess.
While Nana is driving she looks at the rearview mirror because Yoon Sung and Kim Min Hee are making out. Wowza she even reached into his shirt, the moment Nana saw this she stopped the car.
Nana got out of the car pissed off. Outside she made Lee Min Ho pay half the price “10,000 won” by stealing his wallet! (Feisty girl) Next we see Nana at the bus stop and she realizes that she left her cell phone inside of Yoon Sung's car!

Yoon Sung is at the hotel with Min Hee and now we know why he was with this girl in the first place, he was trying to learn about her sponsor! (Some girls in Korea mostly celebrities have sponsors who are rich men that are basically sugar daddies) The sponsor is obviously the first target.

But wait, Nana interrupts by calling the room through the front desk, she needs her cellphone back! The front desk guy is pissed off and worried that he will get a complaint. Here Nana calls Yoon Sung “Jaesu Ddeng Ddeng Yi” which will probably be his nickname. (It means a**hole in a cute way) The cell phone gets a call from the Daerie company first then from the hospital. What to do?

The moment Yoon Sung learns that the target keeps everything inside of his diary, Nana sets off the alarm in the car by kicking it! She gives up and leaves while Yoon Sung sees the phone and the fact that it’s the hospital calling.

Nana is back at the hospital in a fix because she doesn’t have money to save her father. (He needs surgery)

But no need to fear, Yoon Sung is there and he takes care of the bill. Nana says that she will try and pay him back!

The next day, Nana was sleeping on the couch of the hospital and she gets an acceptance hall, she is jumping for joy! Now a scene of the blue house (Korean White House), and Nana is all dressed up.

The next scene was of her first day as a presidential body guard, and surprise surprise Yoon Sung is there as well. He recognizes Nana and they are both shocked. But wait? He doesn’t belong there, he is a part of the communications team.

Yoon Sung is being introduced to the communications team, he got his PHD from MIT at the ripe age of 28. The girls adore him already and one guy doesn’t seem to like him much. His name is Ki Joon and he tries to pull rank on him and haze Yoon Sung because he had worked two years earlier. But of course, bad boy Yoon Sung won’t take any of that! Also, he’s backed up by the higher-up who loves his MIT status.

Nana on the other hand is stuck with Choi Da Yang a daughter of the president but she has a partner.

Yoon Sung is starting to work but he is disrupted by knocking. Nana wants his bank account number. Yoon Sung answers in hBoys Over Flowers fashion, “That money means nothing to me.” (He says it’s like chewing gum to him) Another funny line, “I think you’re trying to get with me through this, but you’re not my type, want me to buy you a mirror as well?”

The next scene was the communication team and the bodyguard team practicing judo against each other. Nana kept asking Yoon Sung to give up his bank account number. She succeeds!

Lee Min Ho meets Park Min Young outside with a contract. Nana has to do tasks for Yoon Sung like driving for him and also smaller errands to pay him back.

Each time she does something she’ll get about $25, so she has to do 200 of these errands. They both get a call to meet the president!

At the president's home we finally get to see Goo Hara, Choi Da Hae!

Dahae was infatuated with Yoon Sung but when she was introduce to Nana she said, “I don’t need bodyguards!” Once President CEC leaves, Dahae hits on Yoon Sung asking to be tutored in English, but Yoon Sung ignores her and jets! Dahae also rejects Nana’s good-will handshake.

What is JP doing? Yes our cold-blooded drug lord is drinking whiskey at his crazy mansion while Yoon Sung gives him his first report.

Clips are shown about Target Number One. Yoon Sung asks why JP is only telling him about one target out of the "Group of Five". JP only knows that Target Number One is a bad dude for sure, because he had seen him. After Target Number One is down the other ones will surface. Then Yoon Sung asked why he was set up at the Blue House (Korean White House), and JP says he will tell him later.

Yoon Sung says, “I want to destroy them in a way that nobody can forgive.” JP is intrigued and gives him the green light.

We now move to the prosecutor’s office with YJ trying to get dirt on Target Number One. He tried to get a warrant but he’s turned down by his supervisor. (Standard depiction of prosecutors in South Korea, they have a hard time taking down big names, and often times the supervisor is against it worrying about repercussions) Yoon Sung sees YJ on TV and the news is related to Target Number One. Yoon Sung pieces everything together and comments, “He has perseverance.”

Yoon Sung drives to Target Number One’s house sneaks in and plants a bug inside Target Number One’s cellphone. Inside YJ and Target Number One are arguing, basically Target Number One is justifying his actions because he had a great goal while YJ doesn’t agree with the processes involved (Your usual vices: embezzlement, bribes, etc.)

Yoon Sung finds Target Number One’s diary but he gets caught. He causes a blackout in the house and sneaks out.

Some personal time with Nana again, she is looking at a photo of her family and talking to her mother and father. (Looks like she and Yoon Sung have something in common, both lonely and both like talking to pictures) She is thinking about Yoon Sung and whether he’ll call or not.

Dahae is at school and she is listening to her music. A person went to Dahae wanting his notes back, but Nana overreacts, busting out judo. We see a sensitive side of Dahae, having to deal with the stress of being the president’s daughter. Right when we’re about to feel sorry for her, she has outfits for the bodyguards because she’s gonna head over to da club!

While Nana needs to go the bathroom, the other bodyguard goes off and Dahae sneaks away!

Yoon Sung is at the club of course with Min Hee again. first she says “We’re going to a hotel again tonight right?”

He asks about her sponsor but she hasn’t seen him! Ruh Oh! Yoon Sung coldly rejects her “Now that I think you aren’t popular amongst the guys, I’ve lost interest. Let’s break up as well.” Kim Min Hee is yelling at Yoon Sung, but he spots Nana.

He rushes over to her saying “Why were you so late, I waited.” And cue kiss scene.

Nana is still getting over the kiss. He gives her a 1,000,000 won check but she busts out a judo move on him and floors him. Dahae however has runoff!

She is outside looking for her and YJ is chasing Kim Min Hee, of course the two run into each other. He shows proper ID this time, she tries to leave, and he helps out by indicating where Dahae is.

And… they catch her!

Nana is thankful to YJ and gives him a clue on finding Kim Min Hee, Nana says “The girl you’re looking for, Jae Su Ddeng Ddeng Yi probably knows” (Yoon Sung’s new nickname, a cute way of saying a**hole)

The next scene is the president’s daughter’s bodyguards getting scolded. But in the midst she gets a text from Yoon Sung. He is outside finding out about Target Number One and Nana arrives with a cup of coffee. Yoon Sung, “AIEE it’s not hot anymore.” Nana gives him a diary with slots for stamps. Then as they argue/flirt/banter she demands that he apologize for the kiss. Yoon Sung says, “What’s your problem, you’re acting like it was your first kiss” she turns away because it was her first. Yoon Sung giggles like a little girl and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying this.

They are at judo practice again but all Yoon Sung does is smile. She is going hard on him and Yoon Sung says, “Hey it’s just practice go easy on me.” Nana exclaims, “We’re training and what are you staring at, and with those *strange eyes.”

He laughs saying it should be an honor that he’s staring at her at all. They argue about age and as she tries to do another move Nana trips over Yoon Sung’s foot. Amongst the mess YJ has arrived.

Outside YJ begins to grill Yoon Sung about Kim Min Hee. He asks for Kim Min Hee’s number and Yoon Sung replies, “If I had all the numbers for my one night stands, the memory on my cellphone would run out.” Nana is watching the conversation and exclaims, “Oof! You playboy, you are such a bastard.”

YJ sees Nana limping and offers to take her home but Yoon Sung is already there. The two guys fight over her but Yoon Sung is the victor, and Nana gets into the car.

The two arrive at the hospital, but there are two kids running. A nurse yells that the girl shouldn’t eat flour and to only eat rice at the Sunlight Relief Center.” Yoon Sung has a flashback because that place has something to do with Target Number One. Nana knows the two children and she learns that the girl has an allergic reaction to flour. The nurse comments that the girl keeps eating flour and it’s getting more dangerous for her. The reason is that they receive social benefits because the father isn’t working. Nana keeps repeating that they shouldn’t be able to receive such benefits.

She spots the two eating bread and they try to run off. She demands that Yoon Sung follow the kids, while he goes to chase them, the children are almost run over by Target Number One’s car. The car runs over the children’s bread.

Inside the car Target Number One first complains about children and education these days. He is making a deal with somebody. (The guy is related or a part of Sunlight Relief Center) I think and am pretty sure that Target Number One is asking the guy to fudge the numbers.

Nana and Yoon Sung arrive at Nana's broken down apartment. She stumbles on the stairs and Yoon Sung comes out to save the day. He lifts her up all the way into her apartment. (The background music now is basically a cue that Yoon Sung will do something manly/exciting/ with bravado)

He demands juice then food. Yoon Sung ends up going through her kitchen. He finds some ramen, and cooks for the both of them.

While eating we learn about Nana’s love for her parents, while Yoon Sung is dubious to the fact of her situation. He points at the red stickers all over because he has no clue. Nana explains that these stickers show that the bank will take everything if she can’t pay back her debt. Nana’s parents were in an accident with her mom passing away and her dad stuck in a coma.

She is still positive however, and Yoon Sung seems to be moved by this fact.

Anyways, there is a knock on the door and the little boy who lost his bread is worried because her sister got sick again! They rush to the hospital, and the doctors begin their treatment.

Yoon Sung wants to leave but he is scolded by Nana, “We wouldn’t be here if my leg wasn’t hurt like this!” Back at the children’s apartment Nana is scolding the little girl.

But, the little girl has a lot to say. Her dad ran out, they don’t have water, they don’t have any gas. They didn’t go to the relief center because they didn’t want to hear that they were “beggars/poor.” The little girl preferred getting allergic reactions. Yoon Sung is listening to this and is deeply moved.

Nana and Yoon Sung arrive at a government building for welfare. He keeps complaining and they began to banter/flirt. Nana, “I wouldn’t be dragging you aroudn if my ankle was fine.” Yoon Sung, “There are no beautiful girls here, I hate these kind of places. You’re getting everything out of the fact that you hurt your leg huh? Don’t I get a stamp or something?”

Nana begins to talk to one of the employees, and the children were written down as having received money through Sunlight Relief Center. The employee suddenly gets up saying, “OH! Shim Jae Dong, these kids got money to eat but they have been starving.” He was the guy written in Target Number One’s diary and also the one in the car with Target Number One. Shim Jae Dong gives a bs explanation that the kids are probably using the money to go to pc cafes and play games.

Yoon Sung began to argue with Shim Jae Dong, “Would you rather eat or play video games?” A memorable line he says is, “Who do you think is lying? Something is definitely up.” Nana stops the argument and asks that the employees take care of the situation with the children. Yoon Sung begins to stare at cameras as they leave. Nana decides to go to the bathroom and Yoon Sung stares at Shim Jae Dong who is starting to shred some paperwork. Looks like Yoon Sung is about to do something…

[Recap] City Hunter Episode 3

Episode 3 was mostly fast-paced action and execution, execution, execution! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

The last scene of episode 2 ended with Yoon Sung planning some action. In this episode he executes his plan! He starts a fire in the bathroom. All the people are fleeing and running out.

Yoon Sung is now on the move, using a pen to hang on the ledge in order to pass by the security cameras unseen.

He goes through the information he needs by taking pictures on his iphone and takes the shreds of paper that Shim Jae Dong (Bad guy in league with Target Number One) was trying to get rid of. Outside Nana is looking for Yoonsung.

He taps her on the shoulder and she is angry thinking that he had fled for safety alone.Yoon Sung replies, “Hey I’m a guy and have to keep face, how could I go into the girl’s bathroom?”

Back at his home, Yoon Sung begins to piece together the shredded pieces. He basically figures out that somebody is syphoning out money illegally.

Shim Jae Dong and Target Number One are on the phone and Yoon Sung is tapping the conversation. Shady business is going down and Yoon Sung learns everything he needs to steal Shim Jae Dong's bag!

Yoon Sung finds where they are, steals the bag while beating up all of Shim Jae Dong’s bodyguards it looks like, one of them even had a Taser.

The next scene showed YJ arguing with his supervisor again. YJ's team however receives a package from Yoon Sung, with all of the information that was gathered!

The next scene showed the inside of the Korean Assembly. Target Number One is defending himself and it appears like the other Assembly members will vote whether he should be arrested or not.

Yoon Sung and YJ are watching on as the vote is pretty much a tie. JP was also watching this scene from his mansion, and in anger he breaks a whiskey glass with his bare hands.

Yoon Sung obviously upset, began to think about the poor kids. YJ came out and just stood there staring at Target Number One. While Target Number One gloated and told YJ to find real criminals instead of upstanding citizens such as himself. Target Number One and Shim Jae Dong were talking about Yoon Sung, trying to remember if they had ever met before. Shim Jae Dong remembered Yoon Sung back when they had verbally argued. (In Episode 2)

Now Yoon Sung’s shooting practice scene! Yoon Sung is thinking about the children and hitting the exact same place every time.

He didn’t even go back to check his results after everything was done. While on the other hand, the other members on the communication team were checking their scores. Yoon Sung had hit the same place every single time, and the other members misconstrued it as him having hit the target only once. Yoon Sung's supervisor exclaimed, "They don't shoot guns in the U.S?"

Yoon Sung was eating with the children, and Nana joined him. At first she hit Yoon Sung because she thought he was eating the good parts of the sushi by himself and giving the kids rice. (But actually the kids couldn't eat raw fish) Yoon Sung complained, "Your problem is that you hit before you think, are you some kind of gangster or soemthing?" Yoon Sung was surprised that Nana actually was a pretty good cook. Nana says a line that hits Yoon Sung deep, "Isn't this cooking just like what your mother made for you?"

Yoon Sung and Nana have a moment together, with Nana wondering if corrupt people like Target Number One can enjoy the simple things in life like she can.

The next scene shows YJ meeting his ex-girlfriend? He wants solace and somebody to talk to, somebody that would understand his heart. But, the ex-girlfriend exclaims jokingly, "That's why I broke up with you, because I don't understand your heart." Interestingly enough, the ex-girlfriend asks about Nana? YJ answers that Nana's aunt has some sort of relation with him. (Nana's aunt is a detective)

The next scene shows Yoon Sung alone at home eating ramen. He is obviously lonely because he starts to shout at the house to fill the void with sound, because he's alone.

Yoon Sung talks with the Bald Guy on the phone, calling him because he misses him. The bald guy inquired about Nana's welfare asking Yoon Sung to help her out.

Back at the drug lord’s mansion, The bald guy brought gold for JP. JP asked the bald guy to go back to South Korea. The bald guy was asking JP if he could stop his vengeance plan. JP had a picture on his desk, the bald guy commented, “Ahh that’s the woman who was in the picture.” JP gazes away.

The group of five had gathered together again. The president was saying that there was probably something going on for target number one to have been caught. The president said that if any of them had done anything dirty then they should be punished justly. This did not sit well with the CEO of the group. Outside he stated that if anyone stands in their way the other group members would "stomp over them." Target Number One devised a plan of finding the two poor children in order to find Yoon Sung.

A scene showed the president building something wooden by himself. Dahae came inside saying, "Dad it seems like something is bothering you?" Dahae asked the president if she could get a new tutor, The president joked that then what happens if people in the blue house realize the truth about her scholastic aptitude Dahae runs off before hearing an answer from the president. But, he still seems to adore her.

Change scene with Nana running to work, Yoon Sung comments “Looks like you’re late?” while driving alongside her in his blue car.

She asks him for a ride, but Yoon Sung rejects her saying, "I don't want people to get funny ideas about us if we are seen walking in together to work."

Nana is furious as Yoon Sung drives off, exclaiming "That Jae Su Ddeng Ddeng Yi is cheap also!"

At the parking lot of the blue house, Dahae was at Yoon Sung's door nagging him to be his english tutor.

Yoon Sung said no and pusherd her away with his car door.

She kept on asking him, then she said if you don’t’ want to tutor me, then go on a date with me. He drops a bomb on Dahae saying, "Are you stupid as well? Are you an orangutan? Look, I get it, you have high standards, but you're not my type. Want me to get you a tall mirror?" Nana told Dahae that they should find somebody else that Yoon Sung is a bit dangerous, Dahae replied, "How do you know if he's dangerous or not?"

Inside the blue house, Nana approaches Yoon Sung telling him that the First Lady wants to meet him. Yoon Sung backs out saying that he has a lunch date said that with somebody he couldn’t bear to be away from for even one second.

The bald guy was at Incheon international airport, and it seemed like Yoon Sung’s date was actually the bald guy.The bald guy was holding an urn. Yoon Sung was back to being a boy again, obviously very happy that he was with the bald guy.

Nana was spending time with the two children. That was pretty random, where is that black dog from? The three were making paper roses for Target Number One's celebratory publishing event. Nana texted Yoon Sung. “You don't seem to be using Daerie?” Yoon Sung amusingly replied, "You want that money really badly huh?" Nana was not amused and mumbled to herself that Yoon Sung was a butthole. I also think its hilarious that she has Yoon Sung on her contacts as "Butthole."

The bald guy brought coffee to Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung tasted it and I cringed, worrying that he would not like it. He didn't and the bald guy exclaimed, your taste preferences must have changed. Yoon Sung replied, "Aish, I must be getting used to the cofee that a person brings me." As the bald guy is curious as to who this person is, Yoon Sung deflects.

The group of five were also gathering together for the publication event for Target Number One. The bodyguard for the CEO was sent off in order to look after Target Number One.

YJ had also come to the event and was talking to the group of five members, his father was apologetic for his son. But the CEO replied that it was ok, and that actually people who have chips on their shoulders in politics are usually the more political ones. The CEO remarked that given enough time YJ would turn around and join them. It seemed however, that the father did not like this at all.

Yoon Sung seemed to have broken in to the security cameras as he was watching on outside of the building in front of his motorcycle.

Nana and YJ ran into each other again at the event. He whispered to her that this place was Target Number One's den. It appears like YJ already knows a lot about Nana's personality and her ideals.

The celebratory event was held in order to congratulate Target Number One's publishing of a book. Target number one was talking to his grandson to ignore all of the things that people were saying on the news. The grandson was very mean to the other kids. The grandson even called the other kid a beggar! Target Number One was talking to the two children, he was asking about Yoon Sung and his whereabouts. Yoon Sung called in order to have a direct confrontation.

Yoon Sung was caught but he began to piss off Target Number One. When asked who he was, he said that he was just a jobless dude who didn't like people that made little children starve. Yoon Sung also accused Targer Number One of being a crook! Target Number One got pissed off and basically began to go on about his crooked political philosophy. He said things on the line of "I should be using tax money in order to improve society because I know what is right" Yoon Sung's glasses were recording everything!

Once Target Number One got back on stage, Yoon Sung's recording began to play. Yoon Sung had hacked into Korea's security system somehow and the clip was being played nationally on every computer. The CEO ordered his bodyguard/go-to-guy to either get Target Number One out of the country or even kill him if necessary.

While this was going on, Yoon Sung began his grand escape. While fighting through all of the baddies he fights a chef with a spoon! (Jason Bourne Style!)

As Yoon Sung sees Target Number One escaping, he uses his bag against flags in order to slide down to the port.

Yoon Sung catches up to Target Number One, and he's about to be killed by the CEO's bodyguard! After he defeats the bodyguard and all of the baddies, he finally is face to face with Target Number One.

Yoon Sung had Target Number One at gunpoint! I was shocked thinking/hoping that Yoon Sung would actually take the guy out by killing him. But alas, it was a tranquilizer.

Target Number One was sent to YJ in a box. Yoon Sung had contacted several news agencies making it known and seen by everyone.

Target Number One also had a bunch of military tags around his neck

As Yoon Sung and the bald guy were driving away from the scene, the bald guy expressed his concerns over JP finding out that the target wasn't killed. Yoon Sung brushed this off saying that it wasn't his style, he'd rather prefer that they suffer and be destroyed thoroughly. He then proceeded to call Nana over to a fountain in a park.

Once Nana arrived with the children Yoon Sung who was all wet, asked if they wanted to play with him.

The children were in a foul mood and didn't want to but Yoon Sung eventually dragged them all in!

Afterwards Yoon Sung and Nana had their "coffee date." The two didn't say much but they were obviously starting to make an important connection.

Meanwhile, YJ was questioning/interrogating Target Number One. Target Number One kept telling YJ to find out who put him through this mess. YJ replied that he was going to find out, but he needed to know the mystery guy's (Yoon Sung) motivation and he knew that the military tags had something to do with it. YJ asked the people under him to trace the military tags, but they already had and foudn no identification. (it was all erased - episode 1)

Yoon Sung and Nana had arrived home and because he was all wet Yoon Sung said that they should go inside Nana's home. She objected profusely at first, but caved in. Once inside Yoon Sung was eating "japanese Chae" (A type of stir fry noodles) and complaining that it didn't have meat. On TV the news was going on about the recent happenings, and people were being asked their opinions, one man described Yoon Sung as a "City Hunter."

JP was pissed off after he saw the news, “What the hell is Yoon Sung DOING!” As Yoon Sung left Nana's home he finally picked up the phone call from JP. JP said that Yoon Sung should have killed the target. While Yoon Sung argued that he would leave that up to the prosecutor, JP said that this trust was misplaced.

The next scene showed El Presidente talking with some of Yoon Sung's co-workers who apologized for the hacking incident and asked that they be executed. Then the president heard about the military tags around Target Number One's neck.

Back at Yoon Sung's home, the bald guy had figured out where Yoon Sung's mom was located. Previously Yoon Sung had said that he wouldn't pursue her. Yoon Sung was angry and told the bald guy to never do such a thing again! Yoon Sung was under the impression that her mother had just gotten rid of him, he doesn't know that JP abducted him!

The next scene was of Yoon Sung’s mother, and she was working at a “Boonshik Restaurant.” Yoon Sung was observing her from a distance. This is kind of random but the moment I saw this scene I thought of the last line from Herman Hesse's novel "Narcissus and Goldmund," "You can't live without a mother. Without a mother you can't die."

Someone suddenly asked her to follow him because an important person wanted to talk to her. To her shock, inside of the car was the president!

Yoon Sung turned around and it was JP! Who had come to Korea probably to finish off the job, as they say "If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself!"

[Recap] City Hunter Episode 4

This episode was a half action and half romance. I enjoyed the complexity of the various situations however and have talked about it in detail at the bottom of my recap in "Final Comments"

Yoon Sung's mother and the president were talking about PMY in the first scene. The president asked her if she knew about JP. Yoon Sung’s mother stated that JP had stolen the baby and asked if the president had any more information. (All detailed in Episode 1)

Next scene JP is scolding Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung doesn’t want to be involved with vengeance that calls/draws blood. Yoon Sung states, "If you were my real father, would you have wanted me to partake in this revenge that calls blood? I also want to rip apart these people that have ruined my life. If I kill them will their offspring let me be? This cycle will just continue on an on!” JP told Yoon Sung to stay out of his vengeance plan. As Yoon Sung is stubborn, they make a deal: If Yoon Sung finds the second target before JP kills him, Yoon Sung can do as he pleases. He then suggests that Yoon Sung go see his mother.

Yoon Sung’s mother is drinking Korean Sprite by herself. (Called cider in Korea) Yoon Sung approaches her and asks for ramen, without telling her who he is.

Nana is there with her bodyguard partner and Dahae, the place is Nana’s favorite. They notice that Yoon Sung is there and Dahae sits close to Yoon Sung asking to be tutored.Yoon Sung’s mother says, “You look young but you already have a PHD? Whoever your parents are, they must be very proud.” Yoon Sung suddenly decides to leave saying, “I’ve lost my appetite.”

Yoon Sung is driving on his own thinking about the meeting with his mother.

Nana is back at her apartment eating ramen on her own. She gets a text from Yoon Sung asking for Daerie services.

YJ enters a bar with his supervisor. Yoon Sung is there and a little drunk. The supervisor asks YJ to find the “City Hunter.”

Nana arrives to take Yoon Sung home. She notices YJ and is surprised to see him.

Yoon Sung, “Yah, hurry up and come.” Nana, “I came right after I saw the text.” Yoon Sung, “Aish, You should've came faster.”

While dragging Yoon Sung, Nana drops her wallet/coin bag. She is picking up the coins and YJ is there to help her out but they touch hands!

Nana, “It’s ok I’ll pick them up myself.” YJ “Ah, your fingernails are short, it’s going to be difficult.”

Yoon Sung, “Pfft.. So dirty.. Shi.” Yoon Sung says, “Chi… So Cheap/Dirty.”

In the car Nana scolds Yoon Sung saying do your parents know how you’re living in Korea, always club, girls, or bars. Yoon Sung tells Nana to just drive. She goes on and on saying that his parents probably sheltered him. Then she hits him where it hurts, “Do you talk like that to your mom? Why is the way you talk so mean?”

Yoon Sung shouts at Nana, “I don’t have a mom to even talk mean to! I grew up without a mother and that’s why I’m like this!” He tells her to stop the car.

Yoon Sung is up some kind of stairs, and he talks alone to his mother, “You should be happy. You should live a good life. I hate that you’re having a hard time. I also hate that you’re old.”

Nana hands Yoon Sung a Pocari Sweat. Nana apologizes and remarks how they have something in common so that at least is a good thing. Yoon Sung, “Why are you trying to make relations with me?” Nana “Lee Yoon Sung, I was sorry about before, and we both don’t’ have mothers, we can understand each…” Yoon Sung, “I don’t want to understand you. I don’t like how you’re cheap. I don’t like how you are so energetic all the time. What do you mean prosecutor of justice, I can’t understand you always talking to any guy. I don’t understand you. I refuse to understand you.”

Nana tells Yoon Sung to go on cause she’ll let him go easy. Nana, “I got the chance to spend some time with my mother growing up, so my heart is probably 3 cm larger than yours. Even if you’re like a porcupine pricking me, I’ll let it slide today. Sometimes I miss my mom too.” Yoon Sung, “What about after today?” Nana, “You’d be dead!” They both smile. Yoon Sung, “I don’t like you that much either, but your smile is ok.”

Then as she watches the cars passing by with him she exclaims, “Ahh! I miss my mother too.”

Next a short scene of cars passing them by

Yoon Sung is back at his home and he talks with the bald guy, and the bald guy is shocked that JP is back. Yoon Sung explains that now he will fight against JP. Yoon Sung wants to live normally like anybody else after this revenge plot is over, but he can’t if he’s a murderer, he might never be happy. The bald guy says “Aigoo such a nice person” like a Korean woman. Yoon Sung is thinking alone remembering the coin dropping incident and remarks, “So Cheap.”

Yoon Sung leaves to go shopping and he literally runs into YJ. Here they both banter but YJ says an interesting line when Yoon Sung remarks that YJ seems to have a lot of time on his hands, “Well my philosophy is to work while living like anybody else.”

They both see the same gift and grab at it. The shop keeper exclaims, “There’s more of that product.” Both YJ and Yoon Sung ask for one.

YJ puts in a key chain. Outside they banter again, with YJ saying “Looks like you’ve ended all your one night stands? You wouldn’t be buying one for a short-term girl.” Yoon Sung, “Me, I usually get gifts.”

In the next scene YJ is debriefing other prosecutors about Target Number One. The supervisor still wants to know more about the “City Hunter” but YJ has no information.

Next a scene with Dahae and the first lady, Dahae is all upset because Yoonsung won’t be her tutor.

She keeps whining and the first lady promises that she’ll try to make it work out.

Outside of the Korean Assembly, there were people rioting asking Target Number One (Lee Kyung Wan) to step down. 3 members of the Group of Five were meeting together, talking about Target Number One and agreeing to stay away from him and not be associated.

JP is at a beach looking on. He is reminiscing about his fallen comrades and especially PMY. A man named Kim Sang Gook arrived asking who JP was. (Kim Sang Jin’s younger brother, who was one of JP's comrades)

JP had paid for Kim Sang Gook’s nephew and hints that he knows what happened to Sang Gook's older brother. JP is trying to find people to help him in his vengeance plan. JP needs help in figuirng out the rest of the Group of Five members.

Meanwhile, Yoon Sung was also looking through friends of Target Number One to figure out Target Number Two. The supervisor and Yoon Sung were called to the president.

The president wanted to know about any weak spots for their computer security (Concerned after the events of episode 3) and for Yoon Sung and his supervisor to fix them. Once Yoon SungA Group of Five member came to visit the president asking for protection, the president decides to give him some bodyguards.

Back at the Blue Office, Yoon Sung sees Nana run off after reading some news. (It’s from the government that is going to auction off her belongings because she couldn’t pay her loans) Yoon Sung asks the bald guy to resarch about Moon Ki Joon (one of his group of five candidates) also he asks about the bald guy and his relationship to Nana, and then tells him that she’s broke.

Nana is at a government office trying to find out more information about the person who she owes money to. The bald guy was observing Nana. She’s being evicted but she can’t move out yet. She gets the info about the person who bought out her apartment. She received a text from Yoon Sung that read, “Get me coffee!” and replied, “I’m busy!”

Yoon Sung is back at home, still trying to figure out the Group of Five.

Nana was begging an owner of a restaurant (the person who bought out her apartment) to get a break, while Yoon Sung watches from afar.

He called her and she picked up swallowing her tears and trying to act like nothing was going on. Yoon Sung demands that Nana to meet him in front of the fountain again, to “Daerie.” If she comes within 30 minutes he’ll consider her debt forgiven.

Nana comes and to her surprise Yoon Sung hasn’t been drinking. Yoon Sung exclaims that he’ll start drinking now and pops open a beer. Nana asks, “You don’t even care where I came from huh?” Yoon Sung, “Of course, I don’t care, you’re the one that wanted to pay me back.” Nana is extremely upset, “I never thought you were a bad person, well I did before, but I never thought you were evil! But, I was wrong.“

She truns away and Lim Jae Bum’s OST begins to play. She is driving for Yoon Sung again.

The drive to Yoon Sung’s home is silent.

After they both get out of the car, she silently gives the car keys back and leaves.

Yoon Sung ends up following her in his car and drives alongside her bus.

She is shedding a few tears, he’s observing her in a weird/sadistic way.

He follows her all the way to her home, watching outside. Will he go up and apologize? Alas no, he just leaves.

Nana talks to her mother in the photo and sadly about her situation. She then talks about the prior incident, the moment she heard that Yoon Sung would forgive all her debts she ran to see him. She was hoping that Yoon Sung would have changed as a person, being a nicer good person. Then she tells herself, you’re being crafty, you’re being pathetic. She breaks down and confesses that she’s having a difficult/scary time without her mother.

Yoon Sung gets back into his car, speeding away. Cars are parked in a strange fashion in front of a vet. A dog owner was arguing with YJ’s ex-girlfriend. The dog owner was upset that the dog had surgery without his consent. He was asking for getting some type of compensation. (Probably spayed or neutered) She exclaims, “Like dog like owner.” (She uses the word Gae Sekki, which literally translates to son of a dog) The owner though leaves his wife frequently like his dog. Right when he’s just about to hit YJ’s ex, Yoon Sung appears as a dark knight in shining armor.

Outside YJ’s ex-girlfriend says thank you. Yoon Sung replies, “I wasn’t helping you, there were cars in the way, that’s why I acted.”

Regardless, YJ’s ex (Jin Sehee) gives out her hand and introduces herself, Yoon Sung accepts and shakes her hand introducing himself as well.

The next day at the Blue House, both Nana and her partner are told to take up a bodyguard project for one of the other members of the Group of Five, Seo Yong Hak.

Seo Yong Hak asks Nana to sit down, and asks her pick music for him. He is asking her to help out with an event he wants to hold for his wife for their wedding anniversary.

JP’s right hand had narrowed down suspects of the Group of Five down to Seo Yong Hak. Seo Yong Hak is going to be a strong presidential candidate next year. JP states a few conditions, JP alone will have blood on his hands, and also everything must be kept secret.

The bald guy was also taking pictures of Seo Yong Hak and later tells Yoon Sung that Nana is now protecting Seo Yong Hak. Yoon Sung asks the bald guy to go and question Target Number one.

Nana is picking out the song, “Over and Over.” However her computer has a problem. Yoon Sung is called over to fix her computer.

As Yoon Sung leaves, Nana recieves a package from “Ajushi.”

Yoon Sung asks Nana to get him some coffee, and Yoon Sung is waiting with his present. However, she’s cold to Yoon Sung obviously still upset about last night. She demands to get her stamp back.

He notices that Nana had received a gift that is the same as his. Whenn Yoon Sung inquires about the present She described him, “The person who I like the best in the world only after my father.” Yoon Sung leaves, very angry and jealous assuming that she's in love with YJ. He goes back to his desk and stuffs the present in his drawer, pissed off.

The bald guy can’t get any info from Target Number One because Target Number One is being transferred. During the transport of Target Number One, the driver is actually JP. Yoon Sung is outside probably waiting on the bald guy, but notices that the driver is actually JP. Yoon Sung begins to follow the transport bus.

The other guard is thrown off and now Yoon Sung and JP begin thechase scene.

Honestly I enjoyed the chase scene, it was pretty exciting and well thought-out.

Yoon Sung gives up slowing down the bus, and he puts his car sideways on the road, standing on top of his car and they play chicken.

JP moves slightly to the side missing Yoon Sung and JP sighs with relief.

JP begins to question Target Number One. JP tells Target Number One that either he will tell him the rest of the Group of Five or his family will be killed. JP doesn't get much information because cop cars arrive, but he finds out that Seo Yong Hak is a member. (Target Number Two)

Nana and her partner are with Target Number Two’s family for their anniversary. JP is also at the restaurant. Yoon Sung calls JP, and JP gives him a hint of sorts when he says that the music fits well with the wedding anniversary. Yoon Sung frantically calls Nana but she doesn’t pick up.

JP was ready to assassinate Target Number Two, having set up his sniper rifle on a rooftop across the street. As Yoon Sung arrives at the building, it suddenly blacks out. Nana is helping out the people in the restaurant using a flashlight.

JP uses this to aim at Nana’s head. Right when JP fires, somebody (probably Yoon Sung) comes in and rescues her.

recap episode 5:

at the Intercontinental hotel when JP is just about to shoot Nana and Yoon Sung dives in to save her. She seems to be in shock, and Yoon Sung runs away with Nana not being able to see him. (Doh he forgot his necklace)

Where is Yoon Sung running to? Ah, he ran to save his father.

JP was all ready to go out in a blaze of glory.

He looks quite surprised to see Yoon Sung, and says “Yoon Sung…”

Kim Sang Gook runs into another car in order for Yoon Sung, JP, and the bald guy to escape.

Back in the car JP asks Yoon Sung if he was the one that blacked out the restaurant. They start to bicker. JP, “We agreed that whoever finds target number two first would take care of him!” Yoon Sung uses pretty solid reasoning and lessons his father had taught him before.

JP asks, “So… are you suggesting that we give up?” Yoon Sung, “If I was going to give up now, I wouldn’t have started in the first place. Father… Help me”

Target Number Two are at the hospital, and his youngest son is your typical spoiled brat and exclaims that he hopes that he was hit by a bullet.

Then he would be able to evade his military service. The father is obviously pissed off and scolds the son.

Nana and her partner are thanked by Target Number Two.

Back at Yoon Sung’s home, JP agrees to help Yoon Sung out. Yoon Sung brings up two points that are Target Number Two’s weaknesses, Military boots and the sons that evaded the military.

The officer asks JP if he will really do things Yoon Sung’s way and JP replies that once Target Number Two is caught, he will take care of him his own way.

YJ and the supervisor are together again they received a note about Target Number Two’s dirty dealings. YJ believes that there is a connection with this and the sniper incident. The supervisor is pleased and said, “Now you are becoming more and more like my own.”

YJ is back at his office going over the details of the sniper incident when he receives an invitation card.

Nana is still acting cold towards Yoon Sung back at the Blue House.

She receives an eviction notice and runs out to call her aunt who works for YJ!

Yoon Sung watches from the distance and calls the bald guy.

YJ arrives at the restaurant to talk to the owner and the owner is still adamant about not selling.

The bald guy arrives and gives the owner a crap load of money and succeeds in buying the apartment!

YJ is revealed to be the “Tall Guy” who sends Nana letters.

YJ is back at Sehee’s vet and they are talking about the invitation card, the sender thought the two were still together.

Back in front of Nana's apartment both Yoon Sung and Nana are waving goodbye to the two little children.

Nana received a cute bandage and Yoon Sung puts it on her. Yoon Sung fusses over Nana and exclaims that he hates girls like her that don’t take care of themselves. Nana gets angry at this saying, "Lee Yoon Sung, I'm not as well off as you and there are so many things going on in my head that I didn't have time to buy any band aids!" and walks off!

Yoon Sung follows Nana, she notices and tells him to stop following her.

The two run into Sehee. YJ, Nana, and Yoon Sung all are invited inside.

Inside the vet we find out about Nana’s past, she has some sort of connection with YJ’s father who is a member of the group of five.

Nana sees YJ's father on television has a flashback about her accident, and exclaims that she really hates YJ's father. YJ looks a bit uncomfortable then Nana recieves some food for her dog.

Outside, both Yoon Sung and YJ fight over who will take her home. This time YJ wins. Sehee asks Yoon Sung to come in (before he had lied that he wanted a new pet), looks like she’s interested inYoon Sung!

Yoon Sung follows YJ and Nana. YJ buys a band aid for Nana and Yoon Sung looks disgusted/jealous.

He also had bought the same band aids that YJ have just bought.

In the car Nana asks YJ if it is possible to re-investigate an accident that happened ten years ago.

YJ tells Nana that it might be possible but will be hard and he seems to already know what she is talking about.

Nana is back home looking through articles about “Kim Jong Shik.” (YJ’s father)

Then she took the letter from the “Tall Guy” and put it in a box that had a bunch of other letters. (Looks like YJ has been sending letters to Nana for a long time?) Nana looks at her family picture and talks to them saying that she will try her best to get their home back again.

She receives a text from Yoon Sung that says, “You looked better in the Byororo band aid.” (The cute one from the children) Yoon Sung back at home stares at his cellphone waiting for Nana to answer. He gives up and the bald guy suddenly appears telling Yoon Sung to turn on the TV.

He begins to video chat with JP and gives all the information he had gathered. After hearing the info JP states that his leg kind of hurts and doesn’t know what he should eat. Yoon Sung offers to go over or send the bald guy but JP declines. The Bald guy exclaims, “Wow… Our dear leader is really old now, he would never complain about any pain before.” (Yoon Sung realizes that he forgot his necklace)

Next scene Targer Number Two and the CEO from the Group of Five discuss the sniper attack and the two later come to the conclusion that everything that is going on probably has to do with the mission involving JP.

The CEO asks his scary bodyguard/assassin to start finding out more about the “City Hunter.”

Back around the Blue House, the president is alone thinking about the meeting with JP where he was almost killed, and also meeting Yoon Sung’s mother. The president thinks to himself, “JP… how far will you go before you are satisfied.”

Suddenly Da Hae arrives interrupting the president, and she asks once again for Yoon Sung to be her tutor. (This time she said that she suddenly wants to study now but she doesn’t have enough basics, she needs Yoon Sung and she thinks she’ll be able to do better)

Back inside the Blue House, the bodyguards are training the communications team again. Nana’s partner is playing around with Yoon Sung’s co-worker. (Ko Ki Joon) However Nana’s partner had hinted in a previous episode that she was interested in Ko Joon.

Nana and Yoon Sung are also supposed to be training but Yoon Sung is not budging. Yoon Sung, “I’m not even a bodyguard why do I need to train?” Nana irritates Yoon Sung by comparing him to YJ and Yoon Sung talks back that Nana probably put the band aid on (to heal her scar) in order to look good for YJ.

He then does a judo move on her and it appears as though she starts making a small connection between Yoon Sung and the one that saved her from the sniper attack. Nana is confused, but exclaims that she wants to be seen as a girl for YJ and walks off.

The communications team seems to have been hacked and there is a picture of a faulty army boot on everyone's screens. Yoon Sung re-hacks the source that hacked the communications team, and Ki Joon looks a bit disappointed while Yoon Sung looks suspicious.

Yoon Sung asks Ki Joon in the bathroom why Ki Joon didn’t fix the hacking problem himself. Ki Joon denies this and rushes out of the bathroom.

The CEO’s scary bodyguard/assassin is around Nana’s neighborhood looking for the two children.

Back at the communications team, Yoon Sung enhances the system’s communications network. He tries to leave but the supervisor suggests that they have a party afterwards.

The communications team is together at a karaoke. Ki Joon is extremely drink and decides to sing a sad song about a soldier serving his time for the Korean military service.

Yoon Sung takes Ki Joon out and the communications team had already called “Bullet Daerie” (The company that Nana used to work for as a driver) Ki Joon admits that he didn’t stop the hacking, it seems like he caused it. His brother lost his leg because of a faulty military boot.

Nana arrives to drive for Ki Joon. Yoon Sung and Nana try to cover up the fact that Nana is still a “Daerie.”

As they take Ki Joon home, Yoon Sung and Nana meet face to face with Ki Joon’s crippled brother. (The brother used to be a Tae Kwon Do athlete before he lost some of his leg because of the faulty military boot)

Nana and Yoon Sung are going back home and Yoon Sung is closing his eyes inside the bus. Yoon Sung pieces Ki Joon’s story together.

Then he acts like he is falling asleep and leans on Nana’s shoulder. She tries to push him off but he keeps on acting while smiling.

Eventually she gives up and is smiling as well.

Back at Nana’s apartment the CEO’s bodyguard/assassin is snooping around for information.

Nana and Yoon Sung return home. Yoon Sung tells Nana, “Be honest, you didn’t wake me up because you wanted to stay with me longer huh?” Nana exclaimed that she tried hard to push him off. Later Yoon Sung says, “Since I took you home this time, you’re probably grateful, can you give me some of that good Kimchi?”

They go to Nana's door and it is unlocked. Yoon Sung is suspicious. He notices somebody else is there holding a knife. Yoon Sung shouts to Nana!

At the stairway the bodyguard/assassin is walking down when Yoon Sung steals his hat and begins to face him off!

It seems like Yoon Sung now has a signature move where he drop/sidekicks a bad guy mid-air)

Afterwards when Nana is finished with packing up the Kimchi for Yoon Sung, he begins to fuss over her. The bodyguard/assassin reports to the CEO and they are starting to get closer to finding out Yoon Sung.

Yoon Sung waits outside Nana’s house all night to make sure Nana is safe.

The next day Nana’s supervisor is now telling her to take care of her financial problems stating that no one can trust a presidential bodyguard who is in need of money. She goes to the restaurant owner who tells her that the apartment was sold. Then she goes to the government office to figure out who bought the apartment.
She rushes over to Yoon Sung saying, “Lee Yoon Sung, why do you keep butting into my life? What are you to buy our house?”

recap episode 6:

Nana is upset that Yoon Sung has bought Nana’s apartment. Nana assumes that Yoon Sung did this in order to make her upset and show off how much money he has. Yoon Sung then begins to talk about how it was an investment opportunity, he probably wasn’t going to do this but he can’t let down his pride. Yoon Sung is saying that he will move into Nana’s home. Yoon Sung then suggests that Nana be more honest and ask him to let her live at the apartment.

Nana exclaims that she hates people that play around with people with money from the bottom of her heart.

Back at the communications deparment in the Blue House, Ki Joon goes to Yoon Sung when he returns to the communications team. Yoon Sung states that he wants Ki Joon to be straight to the point. Ki Joon was drunk and all he remembered was that there was a girl in front of Yoon Sung. Ki Joon asks if the girl was Shin Eun Ah (Nana's partner). Then Ki Joon asks Yoon Sung if he made any mistakes. Annoyed, Yoon Sung exclaims “Yes you did, and you made a lot!”

While Nana is back at her office she’s thinking back while looking at her family photo. Then she looks at the bullet-necklace and heaves a sigh.

Next we are back at YJ’s office with the driver of the prison bus. YJ doesn’t think that the City Hunter is the one in the bus. (JP in reality.) They have information that the man they are looking for (JP) has a weak leg and walks a little strangely. YJ then asks to find out everyone in Korea that has a disability in a leg. Then he also wants that cross checked with people who have brought American guns to Korea.

Yoon Sung is on top of the roof of Nana’s apartment using binoculars. He thinks that Nana’s apartment would be a good place for a runaway. Then he starts shaking the bars behind the windows which are faulty. He goes to a man to have them all fixed up.

Yoon Sung is back at his car practicing talking to Nana. “You should live there etc.” But when Nana is actually there everything comes out wrong!

The two are at it again arguing.

Eventually Nana gives up and while she leaves, she tells Yoon Sung that he needs to take care of the dog. Yoon Sung is pissed off because Nana basically made a hole herself and is stuck there, but Yoon Sung didn't help the situation at all.

Yoon Sung goes after Nana so that he can talk to her. He chases her bus again but Nana is just ignoring him. The scary bodyguard/assassin is following the two.

Next, Nana is with her father at the hospital and is relaying all the things that has happened to her although he’s still in a coma. She takes out the bullet-necklace and by herself says that she’s alive because of this man but right now she’s dying.

Yoon Sung sees the scary bodyguard/assassin in the hospital. At the hospital there is an attractive girl on the phone and Yoon Sung begins to talk to her. He says that the man over there is very interested in her and that she should go over and have a cup of coffee together.

The female talks to the bodyguard/assassin telling him that he is not her type. Then Yoon Sung disappears out of sight. Yoon Sung returns to Nana but she is fast asleep next to her father.

Yoon Sung returns to Nana’s home and the dog is just staring at him. Yoon Sung scolds the dog, “Hey! You should be barking if somebody comes in. How can I trust that you will take care of Nana when you’re like this.” Then Yoon Sung sits down to watch some TV but it’s not working. Yoon Sung talks to Nana in the picture saying “Why don’t you just listen to a person, why are you so stubborn? Now I feel sorry.”

Yoon Sung wakes up the next morning and the toilet isn’t working to his dismay.

The next day he has a cup of coffee for Nana but he begins to scold her about the house. She is also annoyed and they bicker.

YJ is at the communications team of the Blue House looking for Ko Ki Joon. YJ is taking away Ko Ki Joon because the prosecutors thought that he hacked the computer system the other day. (Ko Ki Joon was also being taken away because of other suspicions as the City Hunter.) YJ sees Nana and says that she seems to be treating her face well.

While eating lunch the supervisor of the bodyguard and the communications team was talking smack about Ko Ki Joon, then Nana’s partner was extremely angry. She put down her spoon on the table, stood up and said that talking smack behind someone’s back because they’re not there is not gentlemanlike. (Yoon Sung is amused.)

Back at JP’s office, they were looking at x-rays for the leg of the youngest son of Target Number Two.

Yoon Sung figures out that they did some type of surgery for the son so that he could evade his military service. JP is angry that a person in such a high position’s son is doing these things to get out of the military service. Yoon Sung asks JP to let him take care of Target Number Two.

Nana meanwhile is with Target Number Two for his campaigning efforts. A man approaches Target Number Two, Nana is alerted by his behavior and does a judo move on him. Turns out though, the man was just a supporter. Target Number Two's wife scolds Nana on the spot and also on the drive back.

Yoon Sung returns to Nana’s apartment and begins to text Nana. She sees Yoon Sung’s text and it reads “Clean the dog's poop.”

Nana comes back to the apartment and she is furious. She says that aren’t you saying too much to somebody that doesn’t have a house. They begin to bicker again until Yoon Sung says, “Then why don’t you just live with me!” Yoon Sung tells Nana to buy it back then afterwards. Nana seems to agree to it. Nana cutely asks for some time to think about it. Nana talks to her parents in the picture and asks them to close their eyes just until she can buy the house back.

Then Nana says that they should write a contract, with a price for each type of physical contact. He first argues like he did before that he wouldn't do anything to her because she'd probably kick his ass with judo. She is adamant but then Yoon Sung begins to flirt with her, and Nana ends up naming a price for every type of physical contact. (Kinky!)

Back at Yoon Sung's apartment the bald guy also is warning Yoon Sung if he does anything to her. When Yoon Sung asks the bald guy what his relationship is with Nana. But, sadly, we don't get a straight answer.

Yoon Sung is taking a shower annoying Nana again by saying that he'll take showers first so that Nana will clean up the bathroom. Thus, everytime he takes a shower the bathroom will be clean without any effort. Meanwhile, Nana attaches their contract on the refrigerator.

Yoon Sung asks Nana for some PJs or just her old judo uniform. As he doesn't have a belt he starts to put on the one that is hanging on the wall. Nana tells him that the belt is important for her and gives him another one. (That belt was the one her dead parent had during the car accident.)

Nana said she would go back into the bathroom and she fell into the toilet (LOL!) because he didn’t put the seat down.

When Nana came out of the bathroom Yoon Sung was checking her out, but acting like he wasn't.

Nana goes into the bedroom to sleep and Yoon Sung talks to himself saying he wanted to watch a TV show with her because it was boring on his own. The two of them are trying to sleep but they toss and turn.They face each other’s direction and fall asleep.

Nana is dreaming about the car accident that killed her parents and her at the site of the accident. She wakes up crying and telling her mom that she is sorry.

The next morning Nana is looking out in case anybody is watching.

Yoon Sung left to see Ko Ki Joon and Yoon Sung was advising that Ki Joon should just tell the prosecutors the truth. Ki Joon seemed to have taken all the blame for the hacking. (That was actually done by his brother.) Ko Ki Joon talked about his little brother who was injured. Ko Ki Joon felt helpless because he couldn’t do anything about it.

Yoon Sung is leaving when he sees the little brother say, “Your special brotherly love is irritating.” Also, he tells the younger brother that Ki Joon needs to just admit the truth, else, they are both screwed. (One brother in jail, while another is crippled.)

Yoon Sung is back at shooting practice and he is acting like he sucks. (In order to keep his alter ego safe.)

At the shooting range, Dahae runs to Yoon Sung! Dahae then asks him to teach her.

At first he is annoyed and reluctant but gives up and helps her. The bodyguard supervisor is looking suspiciously at Yoon Sung because together they hit a perfect 10. While Nana seems a bit jealous.

The next scene showed Incheon international airport. The arms dealer and Target Number Two were meeting. The two shady people were meeting at a hotel and of course YJ and Sehee were at the hotel also because of their friend's "Dol party." (This party is held when a child turns one years old.) Nana is also at the hotel checking if the area is safe for Target Number Two's event that will be held tomorrow.

YJ sees Targer Number Two and the arms dealer. He goes there warning them not to do anything shady!

Yoon Sung is in the hotel room right next to them and he is going to overhear/watch their conversation. The bald guy is dressed up as room service, with some bugged devices on his tray.

Yoon Sung turns on the machine and both he and the bald guy begin to listen in to their conversation.

Basically shady business is going down. Targer Number Two agrees to buy some faulty fighter jets in return for a high percentage of commission. Also, after he becomes president he promises to increase the amount of money spent on military arms, but he will only buy the best products that the arms dealer has to offer.

YJ is at the "Dol Party" and the common friend is talking how YJ and Sehee should have a child by now or be married? YJ then asks the common friend if she saw Sehee.

Sehee is at a bar drinking by herself. Yoon Sung is at the bar as well. Sehee is getting a call from YJ and shuts off her phone.

Sehee is a bit envious because her friend married because of her but already has three chidren. As Sehee gets up to go to the "Dol Party" she spills cocktail over Yoon Sung. She offers to get it cleaned.

YJ is at the hotel lobby and sees Yoon Sung and Sehee walk towards the elevator. Nana is then asked to go to the 19th floor and get some documents for Target Number Two. (

Nana forgets which room is the one she needs to go to and she opens the door to Yoon Sung in a bathrobe. Inside is Sehee.

YJ sees everything also and of course Nana and YJ both are there with faces that read WTF?!?!

[Recap] City Hunter Episode 7

We're back at the hotel when Nana sees Yoon Sung and Sehee together, her expression is priceless.

Of course YJ is speechless as well and even angry, he asks Sehee what she's doing here. Sehee then shows him Yoon Sung's wet clothes. Sehee then tells Yoon Sung, “Yoon Sung I am both sorry and thankful for today., just wait a little bit”

Back in his hotel room Yoon Sung is aggravated by the situation and he tries to call Nana, but she doesn't pick up...

At the hotel lobby as they both walk out, YJ is furious with Sehee. It's kind of funny in a way he doesn't want Sehee or Nana to be close with Yoon Sung.
YJ exclaims,"You drank with Lee Yoon Sung, didn’t you know I was waiting?” Sehee replies, "You treat me like I'm the main character of Invisible Man." Then he recieves a call from his office, and Sehee tells him to go and not worry about her.

Back at the prosecutor's office, YJ's team has found out JP's picture and registration, but his name is Steve Lee!

At JP's headquarters he's starting to scold Yoon Sung, JP has got all the information about Yoon Sung through his sources and the bald guy as well.

But alas! YJ appears to question JP. YJ seems very suspicious while JP is actually a bit impressed that a prosecutor was able to piece things together and find him. While JP leaves to get more orange juice, the prosecutor asks his assitant to get a print off of the glass.

Of course, crafty JP was wearing things to hide his finger prints! Pure Genius!

Nana on the other hand is back at Yoon Sung's mother's restaurant eating away her sorrows and infuriated with Yoon Sung.

Yoon Sung's mother approaches her and comments on Nana's composure, but tells her not to worry because she is nice and everything will work out for her. She then gives Nana more side dishes to eat. I wonder if the kimchi that Yoon Sung likes, is his mother's as well.

Back at Nana's apartment, Yoon Sung is trying to explain that nothing is going on between him and Sehee. But, Nana would rather not hear anything at all.

In the process of trying to talk to Nana, Yoon Sung ends up touching her wrist, then her shoulder. Nana exclaims that Yoon Sung has to pay up, according to their contract. Yoon Sung is pissed off, "All you care about is money?" and he grabs her wrist again, then both sides of her shoulder.

After their little love banter, when Nana is back in her room, Yoon Sung explains that Sehee was trying to dry his clothes off because she had made them wet with alcohol. Nana scolds herself because Yoon Sung can't see.

Then She's touching her shoulders, where Yoon Sung had touched her. Phew, she's obviously feeling more than just sorry!

After some time passes by and Yoon Sung is back at his room trying to figure out more info about Target Number Two when Nana suddenly opens the door after knocking. Yoon Sung is surprised and Nana exclaims "You were watching pornography huh?" Yoon Sung then demands that she should wait after she knocks to open him the door to his room! Nana asks Yoon Sung to eat, but he refuses at first. He decides to eat with her and notices the different side dishes. Nana explains that it's from Yoon Sung's mother. Then Yoon Sung exclaims that he wants to go out for some fresh air.

They both go to Yoon Sung's mother's restaurant and she seems a bit ill.

JP watches as Yoon Sung piggy backs his mother with Nana. I wonder what JP thinks or knows about Nana?

Yoon Sung and Nana take the mother home, and she seems very ill. Before they leave the mother talks about how Yoon Sung's mother would be proud and Yoon Sung answers how he doesn't have one. Before they leave, the mother gives Nana some "Korean Red Bull!" As they walk out, Yoon Sung asks Nana to go home first as he wants to be alone.

Beautiful scene and all you City Hunter fans know that this is one of those "moment" scenes. The scenary is beautiful as Yoon Sung is thinking to himself.

Then Bloop! Nana comes along and he tells her to leave but she refuses. She exclaims about Yoon Sung, "Even a playboy misses his mom." Then Nana starts to sing a song that her mom taught her in order to cheer Yoon Sung up and he ends up smiling.

Jp actually visits Yoon Sung's mother, but he doesn't tell her much. She demands to know where her son is and when she asks his name JP replies, "John Lee."

Yoon Sung's mother has been living through hell not knowing anything about her son. It is heart-wrenching, the fact that JP lied to her saying that her son doesn't even know of her existence.

The following day we are shown the communications department of the Blue House. Ki Joon has returned and his supervisor talks to him. He gives Ki Joon words of encouragement and also tells him that the team had wrote a petition for the release of his brother. Although, Ki Joon is a character set for comic relief, I like the fact that he gets some resolution. His homecoming is cut short however as the president arrives, and he wants to speak to Yoon Sung,

The president basically asks Yoon Sung to tutor his daughter, and we all know that Yoon Sung said yes!

Back at the Blue House, Da Hae is getting ready to study. Then she gets a phone call from her father the president and she is ecstatic at the news of being tutored by Yoon Sung. She is stopped by Nana, and Dahae notices that Nana smells like expensive shower gell. Then she runs to the Blue House communications department.

Yoon Sung is alone and doesn't know that Da Hae is coming to her like a crazy fan! She's there and all excited asking that they should start right away! Yoon Sung warns her not to like him, that she's not her type. When asked what kind of girl is her type, Yoon Sung describes Nana. Da Hae also ends up smelling Yoon Sung and realizes that the two are using the same shower gel, like they live together or something. (HUHU!)

Nana however misunderstands this thinking that he's talking about Sehee. Ack! True literary irony!!!

Then when Nana is back with her partner and Da Hae, she is asked to get some coffee for Yoon Sung. The reason is that Nana used the expensive shower gel >.>.

Then, Yoon Sung notices that something is on Nana's suit, Nana pushes his hand away telling him to just do that stuff to Sehee. Yoon Sung begins to tease her saying that she's acting all jealous. Nana walks away frustrated.

Back at Yoon Sung's home, he begins to tell the bald guy about his master plan to take down Target Number Two. Or atleast a phase to take down Target Number Two.

The president is talking with Target Number Two and he brings up the issue of the faulty military boots.

The president wants to know what made Target Number Two change, or if he was always corrupt like that. The president remembers Target Number Two as being somebody very concerned about South Korea's future. Target Number Two is furious and tells the president that "For every setting sun, there is a rising one."

Then we are back at the candidate event and Target Number Two is giving his speech.

While his father was speaking, Target Number Two's sun was falling asleep. He was woke up by his mother and then he saw Nana. He was obviously interested in her as he winked, Nana turned away.

After the event, the son is driving by when he sees Nana alone at a bus stop. He offers a ride but she refuses. He is adamant and a bit creepy as he gets out of the car and tries to drag her in, promising her a "good time."

The bald guy was watching all of this and he gives Yoon Sung a call. He comes to her rescue, pissing off Target Number Two's youngest son.

When he goes to rescue Nana he says that he needs to somehow brand her so that everyone knows she's his girl. Haha! Target Number Two's son is not impressed, promising that he'll get him back somehow.

They drive back and Yoon Sung asks why Nana doesn't just use her judo like she does for him all the time. Nana exclaims that she's already in trouble for being over-zealous, before they can argue more they are asked to go to Ki Joon's thank you party!

They arrive and Ki Joon, his crippled brother, Da Hae, and Nana's partner are all there. (The restaurant they are eating at is called New Town Restaurant, they have excellent Kimchi Stew and Pork BBQ.)

Ki Joon's brother begins to thank them all and he talks about his trials and tribulations. Yoon Sung is listening intently despite Da Hae's efforts to seduce him!

Outside, Da Hae briefly acts drunk, then as Yoon Sung is still rejecting her, she asks that they go study!

The next day we see the plan that Yoon Sung and the bald guy were talking about. They are being con-men in order to extract the fact that two of Target Number's Two sons evaded their military service. The two sons admit that they evaded the military service, and offer to give up a current medical test.

Next we see Yoon Sung tutoring Nana. She isn't paying attention to studying and only pays attention to Yoon Sung. He realizes this and exclaims that she'll burn holes into his head with her stare!

Yoon Sung decides that their session is done, to Nana's delight. Da Hae on the other hand cutely expresses her burning heart! She needs a change of scenary, to the club we go! We also find out that Target Number Two's youngest son is also there.

Nana, Nana's partner, and Da Hae are at the club dancing again. Nana stops a good looking guy from appoaching Da Hae.

Ahh! But she doesn't notice that Target Number Two's youngest son is approaching her! She is surprised and busts out a judo move!

Yoon Sung is also there and he begins to instigate a fight between the two, they both go outside. With Nana, Nana's partner, and Dahae tagging along.

They are shocked because Yoon Sung is getting his ass handed to him!

The bald guy is recording everything, but the CEO's assassin/bodyguard is also watching. He says on the phone "I don't think the guy from the hospital is the City Hunter, but I will continue following him."

The girls are helpless while Yoon Sung is getting beat up but Da Hae tries to stop Target Number Two's youngest sone and she gets pushed away. Nana and her partner get into action!

Back at Nana's apartment she is both upset and concerned for Yoon Sung. (After all she is his self-defense instructor.) Yoon Sung is putting on a normal bandaid and she exclaims, "You fussed over me that I wasn't using a special bandaid, look at you now!"

She gets the speical bandaid that was from YJ and start to apply it to Yoon Sung's face.

Yoon Sung just repeats that he doesn't like using a bandaid that somebody else used. He's appreciating it though!

The next morning, one of Target Number Two's sons thinks that he got a job from Yoon Sung in the U.S. To their dismay the military police arrive stating that all the sons are fit for the military and should be taken away.

JP and son are watching TV, the sons going into the military actually improved Target Number Two's chances of becoming the next president.

JP is upset but Yoon Sung is happy because he had succeeded in his plan. He also wants to take down Target Number Two when he is at his peak. (Because the fall is even greater? Very true.) Yoon Sung reassures his father, that he has a plan all set up...

YJ is also on the move as he has gathered enough information about Target Number Two to make a move as well!

Before their mission, the bald guy is concerned that it might not work out. Yoon Sung is smiling and reassuring him. I thought it was cute when he tried to close up the bald guy's suit jacket, but the bald guy laughed and said he was too fat. Yoon Sung showed a genuine smile :).

YJ is first at a government office probably getting dirt about Target Number Two, then he hears that he's been abducted! He rushes to the scene with a team.

Yoon Sung is heading for Target Number Two, and he is about to takedown all the bodyguards, Jason Bourne Style!

He takes care of them one by one. One guy had a gun, but of course or hero the City Hunter takes it away and empties it.

Then the two are fist-fighting, Yoon Sung uses his signature rapid fist punch to take him out.

Right when we think that the way is clear, he runs into a woman who can fight! Yoon Sung can't hit her, because of course he doesn't hurt women!

He doesn't know what to do at first, but he uses the necktie from one of the bodyguards to tie her up!

Yoon Sung uses a taser against the door knob, and Target Number Two touches it and falls unconcious!

Nana is frantically looking for Target Number Two or the person who abducted him, and runs into YJ. The elevator stops but she is able to sneak out through the opening.

I don't know if JP was helping Yoon Sung out or not, but he was the one responsible for shutting down the elevators in the building.

Nana eventually catches up to Yoon Sung and tells her not to move!

Yoon Sung is shocked and doesn't know what to do!

Then BOOM! Nana actually shoots Yoon Sung. He is surprised as well and then we have our dreaded cliffhanger

[Recap] City Hunter Episode 8

In the last episode Yoon Sung was shot by Nana, he decides to do what any rational man would at gun point and jumps despite his wound! He crashes into a car but gets away into his own.

Yoon Sung while driving to safety calls the bald guy, who is hiding in garbage and can't pick up the phone! Last episode the bald guy got made and he fled!

Target Number Two wakes up and when his secretary suggests that he needs to go to the hospital, he refuses stating that this it the perfect opportunity for him. He goes back out to do his speech and the crowd is ecstatic. (Target Number Two wins his party's candidacy and is now a presidential candidate.)

Outside the ex-police officer is giving an update about Yoon Sung, YJ looks gravely concerned.

YJ and his associate is observing the scene where Yoon Sung jumped. They are going to take DNA samples, check security cameras and also YJ correctly guesses that this isn't JP's doing. Witnesses didn't notice a limp.

Yoon Sung meanwhile crashed open the window to Sehee's animal hospital and inside he pulled out the bullet!

Sehee also returns to her vet and notices that someone else is inside. She is surprised to see Yoon Sung who tells her, "You owe me, are you willing to keep that promise today?'

Sehee helps clean out Yoon Sung's wound and treats him without asking any questions. Yoon Sung is surprised at this.

Yoon Sung gets a call from JP who is concerned, demanding that he hurries up and gets back to him.

At night, Yoon Sung is sleeping and he has a weird "Freudian Dream" I'd like to say.

Yoon Sung and Nana are at gunpoint, Nana shoots her. JP suddenly appears in the dream demanding that he shoot her as well. In the dream, the two fire at each other.

The scene is sad with both of them bloody and reaching out to each other, Nana is crying.

Nana wakes up the next morning and she is furious at Yoon Sung for not coming home.

Sehee has also woken up and she can't find Yoon Sung, he steps back from a door to reveal himself. Sehee asks, "What kind of man are you?" Yoon Sung replies, "A dangerous man."

Sehee treats Yoon Sung's wound again, and she remarks about his other scars. He quickly puts on his clothes, and later Sehee half jokingly tells him that she is charging him 50$. Of course, he doesn't have to pay her back in cash, he can buy dinner or drinks. Yoon Sung promises to treat her someday.

Outside Sehee is warning Yoon Sung to take care of the wound and Nana sees them!

Yoon Sung sees Nana running away and he tries to grab her. She busts out her Judo move and Yoon Sung's shoulder hits the ground.

Nana is angry at Yoon Sung, but being the angel that she is, she had brought new clothes for him, so that people wouldn't find out he stayed out all night. Yoon Sung commented that the clothes didn't match at all.

Back at the Blue House, the bodyguard and communications were teaming up and practicing shooting. Nana was a very skilled markswoman and Yoon Sung can't shoot because he's reminded of getting shot by her.

After they are dong practicing Yoon Sung asks Nana if she enjoys being a bodyguard, also that it is dangerous for her. Nana replies, "For somebody who is so worried about my safety, why didn't you even call?"

Back at YJ's office his team has found out significant information! It looks like the all the police cameras were shut off by hacking, the ip address was traced back to the Blue House! The communications team will now give up some of their computers so that they can be scanned.

YJ notices that Yoon Sung is wearing his clothes. Yoon Sung though is busy erasing all traces of his hacking.

In the bathroom Yoon Sung fixes up his wound and outside Ki Joon is washing his hand. Ki Joon is wondering who the hacker is, and Yoon Sung suggests that perhaps Ki Joon is the hacker. Ki Joon leaves furiously and YJ enters the bathroom. YJ comments, "Those clothes...." Yoon Sung reples, "Yeap they are yours, I got them from Sehee." YJ is furious and begins to accuse Yoon Sung of playing around with Sehee, also that he isn't worth her.

Yoon Sung is also angry, he tells YJ to take care of his emotions because he and Sehee are now divorced. Also, he says, "Atleast I don't go around acting like Daddy Long Legs!" YJ is shocked that Yoon Sung knows.

Yoon Sung finds the bald guy who is dishevelled and smelly.

Back at JP's Seoul headquarters, Yoon Sung is getting scolded and slapped as well. While JP scolds Yoon Sung he says a memorable line, "I don't want to lose you as well!"

After the scolding, the bald guy debriefs them both about where Target Number Two will be for the next mission. JP allows Yoon Sung to be a part of the mission but warned not to botch things up. Also, anyone that stands in their way will be killed. JP will also join the mission.

Yoon Sung and the bald guy are concerned that Nana will be there and killed or hurt by JP. They try to plan something a) Yoon Sung breaks her ankle, b) Yoon Sung puts diarrhea medicine into her food, c) The bald guy drops a vase on her head. Haha oh dear, I was laughing out loud when they were going through the options.

They are on the rooftop of Nana's building. Yoon Sung has his reservations about this plan, because Nana might get seriously hurt. Once they see Nana walking below, the bald guy picks up a brick to throw at her.

Then the bald guy picks up a vase to throw at her and Yoon Sung objects, while they struggle together a flower pot and cooking pot land on Nana's head.

She's hurt but not badly! (Hahahaha, in Korean we have a funny word to describe someone like Nana, "Stone head.")

Yoon Sung and the bald guy are both surprised that she's not hurt badly, Nana on the other hand is screaming that she will kill whoever is up there.

The next option: Yoon Sung puts diarrhea medicine into Nana's drink, but the moment her partner sees it. She wants the drink instead and gulps it down to Yoon Sung's dismay and disgust.

Then Da Hae demands that they go to karoake together because they have finished. Yoon Sung refuses at first but they end up going!

Da Hae sings her heart out to Yoon Sung, the song is "Babo" by "Hae Ryung." Nana's partner is starting to have uhhm.. problems with her digestive system. The three girls end up going to the bathroom and Yoon Sung sneaks out to meet the bald guy.

Haha the bald guy is also singing at the karoake, he's singing "Mushiro." The bald guy fixes up Yoon Sung and both are concerned about their botched plan.

In the restroom Nana's partner needs to use the toilet badly, while Nana suggests that she will be outside.

While outside Nana spots the bald guy!

Alas! As Nana chases down the bald guy, we only figure out that the bald guy was invovled with Nana's accident as a witness.

Back in the woman's restroom, Da Hae overhears two girls next to her bad-mouthing the president and also commenting how the youngest daughter can't even read.

Da Hae is angry saying that the president's daughter can read fine! The two women ask, "Are you the president's daughter or something?" Da Hae exclaims that she is! Her bodyguard comes out, is asked who she is, and answers that she's the bodyguard. The two girls don't believe the other two. Da Hae ends up punching one of the girls, and the bodyguard is helpless because of her stomach.

The girls go all out at each other screaming, other people that were in the karoake take pictures!

The next day, Nana and her partner's supervisor is furiuos! He gives them both punishment, suspensions and pay cuts.

Nana is distraught and almost in tears as she leaves. Yoon Sung stops her and comments, "Hey since you are on leave, you should go home and rest. Also, clean up the apartment it was pretty dirty." Nana is even more upset calls him an insensitive dolt and rushes off. Yoon Sung quietly says, "You have no idea how thankful I am."

Back on the roof of Nana's apartment, she is thinking about the bald guy.

Ahh! Finally we know why the bald guy is so considered about Nana. It appears that he was a witness who changed his statement. Yoon Sung arrives with tissues, throws them at Nana saying, "If you're going to cry, cry at home." He drags her downstairs to his car and they drive off!

At first Nana is reluctant and wondering where they are going. She asks Yoon Sung why he's always being so nice to her, "You paid for my father's medical fees, saved my apartment, put bandaids on me, and now you're going on a drive with me." Yoon Sung deflects then tells her that he wants to put her in a good mood. He tells her to cry or scream! He begins to scream about Da Hae. Nana follows suit and begins to scream about her supervisor, her partner, and then Yoon Sung. She screams, "Yoon Sung the way you look and everything you do is @sshatery."

They had stopped for a bit and were drinking coffee when Yoon Sung asks if Nana really thinks he's just an @ss. Suddenly it begins to rain and the roof for the car isn't working! They both end up driving to Yoon Sung's pimped out home.

Back at Yoon Sung's home, he is checking out Nana's body. He stammers for her to hide her body and throws some clothes at her. He says, "You just ruined my eyes. You don't even have a good body." Nana is shocked as well. Then he gives her a shirt to wear and tells her to take a shower. Yoon Sung goes to fix up his wound and get refreshed as well.

Nana is trying to cook ramen for Yoon Sung, but she's wearing a shirt with no pants! Yoon Sung is speechless.

Nana is then jumping because she can't reach a bowl, Yoon Sung gets it for her and they have another moment together. Yoon Sung mumbles that he's not going to eat. (Haha, love how he doesn't know what to do with her

Nana takes a sip of wine while watching TV on the sofa, but she ends up falling asleep. Yoon Sung is admiring her and touching her hair, then he gets up real close to her face.

Nana opens her eyes to see Yoon Sung about to kiss her. She closes them while curling her hand getting ready for it... AND!

zzz... the two are interrupted by JP's phone call. (&#($*&!@(*#&!@)(*!@()$*)!@(&*#$)!@*#!*(^#(*!@&#!*(&#@()*#@())

The next morning Yoon Sung takes Nana home. They both probably made a deep connection the day before, and they are a bit awkward but happy. Nana asks Yoon Sung if there is anything he wants cooked and waiting for him. He asks for "japchae" with lots of meat. (Japchae: Korean style stir fry noodles.)

Right when we think that nothing bad will happen to the two, Nana gets a call from the supervisor, she is back on Target Number Two's protection because Target Number Two was adamant!

Yoon Sung on the other hand is dubious to this fact and continuing his mission. Target Number Two is in the middle of a "discussion forum" of sorts, when Yoon Sung begins to play the clip of Target Number Two making a shady deal with the arms dealer. Target Number Two begins to walk away, and Yoon Sung is looking for him walking down the stairs. YJ is also after Target Number Two.

YJ spots Yoon Sung, and he exclaims, "The City Hunter!" The two begin to rumble as YJ jumps Yoon Sung pushing him down the stairs.

The two continue to struggle and fight, with YJ trying to reveal the true identity of the "City Hunter." (not all prosecutors in Korea are as adept as YJ in hand-to-hand combat.) Yoon Sung manages to kick YJ away and rushes down to get to Target Number Two.

Right when Yoon Sung has caught up with his prey. Nana aims her gun at him!

YJ also arrives to the scene, and yells at Nana to capture Target Number Two. In perfect bad guy fashion, Target Number Two turns the gun on Nana telling them both not to move any closer. Target Number Two fires the gun warning them. Nana then decides to hit Target Number Two but she is thrown over the ledge!

JP is watching everything from below.

As Target Number Two runs away. YJ and Yoon Sung both stare at each other. YJ rushes after Target Number Two, while Yoon Sung rushes after Nana.

Yoon Sung catches Nana with one arm just in time. Nana is surprised! ACK! The two are staring at each other but Yoon Sung is using his bad arm.

The show ends in a cliffhanger with Yoon Sung's arm dripping blood from the shoulder wound...

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